Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I do apologize, I am still working on cleaning up my hard drive as I have lots of duplicates.
- (2016 Dec 27)
Sorry about the updates, been a little busy getting my PCs backed up, cleaned & refreshed for the New Year :) Also busy with Family & Work :)
- (2016 Dec 12)
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!
- (2016 Nov 24)
The site is now almost completely responsive to fit your device; just a few more tweaks and it's ready. Then I start on actual content updates!
- (2016 Nov 9)
- (2016 Nov 8)
Feedback form has been re-activated and updated! It's been inactive for a year! So please let me know your thoughts :) I will add the view after I fix the rest of the forms.
- (2016 Nov 3)
You're site is awesome and has really helped me advance in Bakery Store.
Re-enabled the Donate Option as some people have requested it. Donations really help and there will be paid access/content coming :). I apologize, but it has come time where support from the users really count!
- (2016 Nov 8)

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So the other Signup database from previous accounts was accidentally deleted by me and there was again a lot of spam in it anyway. So hopefully... with the checklist active and functioning, there won't be any more spam accounts :(.

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