Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I do apologize, I am still working on cleaning up my hard drive as I have lots of duplicates.
- (2016 Dec 27)
Sorry about the updates, been a little busy getting my PCs backed up, cleaned & refreshed for the New Year :) Also busy with Family & Work :)
- (2016 Dec 12)
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!
- (2016 Nov 24)
I haven't had my Jailbreak for over a year and can't get it back for the iOS device that I normally use, but I finally had time to root my older Android device and sooooooooo.... I believe I can do videos again :) I have soooo much to do, so little time and man-pow... (errr) Woman-Power. :)
- (2016 Nov 24)
- (2016 Nov 8)
Feedback form has been re-activated and updated! It's been inactive for a year! So please let me know your thoughts :) I will add the view after I fix the rest of the forms.
- (2016 Nov 3)

Updated to the most current appliance, but I still have to add the name of the recipes and parts... But the appliances are all posted!
- (2016 Nov 17)
The site is now almost completely responsive to fit your device; just a few more tweaks and it's ready. Then I start on actual content updates!
- (2016 Nov 9)
Friend Finder forms have been fixed!!!
- (2016 Nov 5)
New look, now user friendly menus on tablets and phones!! Will be fixing the forms at a later time, but they are still functioning; they just don't fit well right now. Dragon Egg contest will soon be ready :).
- (2016 Oct 29)
My recommendation to get RID of the background of eggs from IT MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE to see the reference chart of eggs It is common knowledge that anytime you use a light colored bright background you can not see what is in front of it without eye strain and a big headache
Re-enabled the Donate Option as some people have requested it. Donations really help and there will be paid access/content coming :). I apologize, but it has come time where support from the users really count!
- (2016 Nov 8)
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Comment: Looking for nbrs who gift parts ONLY. I gift goal parts & other common parts. Sometimes I leave tips, sometimes not. I do not require tips nor posts.
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