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I won't be able to do updates from June 6 - June 23
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Thank you for all your great feedback!! I really appreciate all the comments and recommendations from my wonderful visitors. Submit your feedback. --Kim (Sehana)

new stuff

Simple Neighbor Finder! New Search Types New Chart Sorting
Very Important Announcement!!
I feel bad to have to do this. But as the more things I do for TeamLava (indirectly or directly) I feel the more I get taken advantage of with free advertising of their games and having users stay with the games because of my site and even taking on support questions. TeamLava, unfortunately didn't hire me, so I'm still searching for a job.
I'm not taking anything down, but I do spend quite a bit of time maintaining the website and other resources by myself on a daily basis. I feel I don't spend enough time for me, with my kids and family. But I do enjoy doing this and can't just abandon what I do or abandon my 'fans' (as some of you say :) LOL). This has become a 9-5 job and without an actual paycheck coming in, my family is being neglected at the same time as I don't even have time to really actually play the game(s) anymore.
I will have to make some things subscription based and would greatly, greatly appreciate your support!!! So if you wouldn't mind supporting a struggling undergraduate (Bachelors Degree) mother :), it would mean the world to me!!

Easter Dragon Timer:
Venetian Dragon Timer:
amber (Mining) Dragon Timer:
Easter World Event Timer:
Fairy types are back, but most likely Limited!!

My Storm8 ID: Sehana

Border Legend: Limited Seasonal misc breedable by android only Buy Only removed
iOS only: Goal Reward wheel Quest arena tournament Craft arctic summon mining

Dragons Breed Tracker

There have been too many mistakes made on the chart and I am unable to keep fixing it due to my circumstances at the moment. So I've created another way to record breedings. The other stuff has been changed to non-edit spreadsheets as there were a lot of messed up formulas due to the mistakes. They will be made again when I can make it more of a secure way without anyone making an accidental change.

Please use the Form below to record your breeding.

- Dragon trade - Do you have MAX dragons, this is to help figure out which you should trade/sell. This is usually the Dragon that has similar color types as the one you would be replacing.

Record your Breeding Results

Dragon 1:
Dragon 2:
Breed Result:
Device / OS (Operating System):
short comment: (This is a public form, so please mind the language)

Dragon Result Search:

Search Comments:

- Search Types - Search color types of dragons to quickly see what dragon you can use.

- Breeding Calculator - Dragon Story Wikia


Record your Battles

search an opponent

 (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)
 (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)

(  (Image) = combo of 4 types ) ( (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) ( (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) ( (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) (  (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) (  (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) )
(  (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) (  (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) (  (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) (  (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) (  (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) (  (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) )
(  (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) ( (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) ( (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) )
(  (Image) = Winter  (Image) ) (  (Image) =  (Image) Fuzzy ) (  (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) )

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Please be aware that I am not an employee to any part of TeamLava's games. If you have questions regarding problems with your game/application, please direct them towards TeamLava company.

I don't claim any rights to TeamLava company, Trademarks, products or games.

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