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Dragon Story

++ Site News ++
Taking requests for Weekly Features on Restaurant Story 2! All you have to do is pick "Restaurant2 of the week" from the dropdown selection in the Weekly Feature Application - Kim (2015 apr 28)
If you would like to email me screenshots and images, please feel free to do so. Images are always welcome! (sdynasty10 @ gmail .com) [no spaces :)] Or you can Kik them to NeptuneJaguar or Zinaiya or to the Group in Kik #SupremeDynasty - Kim (2015 Mar 13)
++ ++
May 29 Fantastic Friday
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++ Recommendation & Feedback ++
Submit a recommendation for me to use as references/feedback for job interviews! :) -- I appreciate all the feedback & recommendations everyone had put in, Thank you very much!! And to those who will be typing one up, Thank you!! :)
++ Schedule ++
Keep in mind that the website is first to be updated as that's where the image of the egg chart comes from. :)
To easily see what my schedule is, view the calendar here :). I will also try my best to keep things updated here as my schedule has been a bit more busy.
Hi All!
- Kim (2015 apr 24)
To my loyal visitors: Thank you for sticking around!! Much Love!!

OH and also, Weekly Features will now be on YouTube! (Instead of a whole bunch of screenshots... trying to reduce clutter :) )

Also created a couple groups if you want to join! Feeling a little lonely in there :(. Google+ & Facebook Group

- Kim (2015 Apr 15)
++ Dragon Updates ++
Added event dragons to all lists for breeding and battle - Kim (2015 apr 28)
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island of the Week

May 26, 2015, Tuesday

May 26

May 26 Video Releases in:

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Island of the Week Info & Application

Island of the Week will be chosen every Tuesday. If there are no entries, an Island will be chosen from my in-game wall or be skipped for that week.

Weekly Feature Application

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If you don't mind submitting a recommendation/feedback for me for job interviews, it will be greatly appreciated!! :)

limited timers:
Click here to view Limited Timers
Torchlight Dragon Timer:
_______________ Dragon Timer:
_______________ Dragon Tournament Timer:
Gatekeeper Dragon (Arena) Timer:
_______________ Dragon (Mine) Timer:
Black Pearl Dragon (Wheel) Timer:
_______________ world Event Timer:
Border Legend: limited seasonal misc breedable by android only Buy Only removed
iOS only: Goal Reward wheel Quest arena tournament Craft arctic summon mine
Rarity: common rare SuperRare UltraRare

Dragons Breed Tracker

There have been too many mistakes made on the chart and I am unable to keep fixing it due to my circumstances at the moment. So I've created another way to record breedings. The other stuff has been changed to non-edit spreadsheets as there were a lot of messed up formulas due to the mistakes. They will be made again when I can make it more of a secure way without anyone making an accidental change.

Please use the Form below to record your breeding.

- Dragon trade - Do you have MAX dragons, this is to help figure out which you should trade/sell. This is usually the Dragon that has similar color types as the one you would be replacing.

Record your Breeding Results

NOTE: Arctic Isle Dragons are listed. You can type the name out if your keyboard is enabled or you can scroll all the way to the bottom.

Sorceress & Dark Crystal Dragon(s) have been added.

Dragon 1:
Dragon 2:
Breed Result:
Device / OS (Operating System):
short comment: (This is a public form, so please mind the language)

Dragon Result Search:

Search Comments:

- Search Types - Search color types of dragons to quickly see what dragon you can use.


Record your Battles

search an opponent

 (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)
 (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)

(  (Image) = combo of 4 diff. types ) ( (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) ( (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) ( (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) (  (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) )
(  (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) (  (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) (  (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) (  (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) (  (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) (  (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) )
(  (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) (  (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) ( (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) ( (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) (  (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) )
(  (Image) = Winter  (Image) ) (  (Image) =  (Image) Fuzzy ) (  (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) by Sehana/Kim

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Please be aware that I am not an employee to any part of TeamLava's games. If you have questions regarding problems with your game/application, please direct them towards TeamLava company.

I don't claim any rights to TeamLava company, Trademarks, products or games.

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