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++ Site News ++
Supreme Dynasty visitors, we apologize for the delay in updates. We are currently moving to a new system which will allow us to support all the users visiting Supreme Dynasty. We are also creating a new structure and under new management. Support will be able to answer any questions.
(2015 Oct 29)
++ Recommendation & Feedback ++
Submit Feedback on how has been!!
++ Schedule ++
Keep in mind that the website is first to be updated as that's where the image of the egg chart comes from. :)
To easily see what my schedule is, view the calendar here :). I will also try my best to keep things updated here as my schedule has been a bit more busy.
++ Fantastic Friday ++
Hi All!
New Bakery & Restaurant Design
Let me know what you think!
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++ Fantasy Forest Updates ++
ALL Breed & Battle Trackers Updated as of Aug 20th - Kim (2015 aug 20)
If you are interested in helping to get these updates rolled out, and you would like to help, you can do so by adding info to the Excel spreadsheet. :) If & when you're finished, email me the file and I will update sheet. Your help would be greatly appreciated! :) - Kim (2015 aug 7)
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Forest of the Week will be chosen every Tuesday. If there are no entries, a Forest will be chosen from my in-game wall or be skipped for that week.

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Breed time for Pyro & Pandaffodil is 5 hrs by design. Hatch time has not changed. More Info

++ Elements & Types ++
 (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)  (Image)

(  (Image) = combo of 4 diff. types ) (  (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) (  (Image) =  (Image)  (Image) ) by Sehana/Kim

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