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Mastery Calculator: Items in Catalog
How many days will it take to master an Item?

Enter Hour(s) only
Enter Minutes(s) only
How many slots do you have
Current level of recipe/drink?
Enter 0(blank),1,2 or 3. You can also enter .25, .5 & .75 for all levels. Any other value will be calculated as zero.
Also if the bar looks like it's just between 3.5 & 3.75, choose 3.5. See Level Images

The numbers, I believe, are exact. The thing is, it's hard to tell where the bar really sits. So round up the numbers to be safe :). This is really just to give you a general idea of what is left to do, so you can start planning other stuff.
Also if there is a decimal after the day, you will have to add another day accounting for whatever leftovers there are to complete the mastery of the item.
So if the day reads 3.5 days, it's actually 3 days and 12 hrs. Another example, say you see that the days it gave you is 3.2 days remaining


Hrs Total

(M * Hrs) / qty
Starting Lvl 0:
Total Hrs = Days

(MasteryRemaining * Hrs) / qty
Item Level: , Slots: .
About Hrs left
      = Days left

Mins Total = Hrs Total

((M * Mns) / 60) / qty
Starting Lvl 0:
Total Hrs = Days

(MasteryRemaining * Mns) / qty
Item Level: , Slots: .
about Mins left
      = Hrs left
      = Days left
about more times to make
about sessions left (qty divider)
Note: that these numbers are based on if you actually collect them right afterwards. If not, you may want to add a few hours or a day or two to the calculation if you do sleep, :p LOL :). Also add a few minutes for replanting.

What Bakery looks like at mastery lvl 0

What Restaurant looks like at mastery lvl 0

What Fashion looks like at mastery lvl 0

What Farm looks like at mastery lvl 0

What Nightclub looks like at mastery lvl 0

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